How do I add an Agreement to a customer?

To add a new Service Agreement, head to your Customer tab  in Pointman.

Search for your customer and then tap the Property in which you want to add a Service Agreement for.

Here you will be able to see any agreements for this customer. This includes Active, Cancelled and Expired agreements.

Tap the Blue Plus button to add a new agreement.

Choose the specific Agreement Plan that's been created, as well as a payment plan (Annual or Monthly)

Add any additional notes for for this customer.

Set the Agreement Start Date as well as the duration (in years)


When you select an agreement plan, a Maintenance Schedule will appear allowing you to pick what months each visit for the agreement will appear. 

From here, the last thing you need to do is choose which month you will want each visit to fall on.



For more information on this, you can watch the below video!



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