Pointman 9.4.2 Release Notes

Feature Improvements

  • Removed the Edit/Delete buttons from the customer & property pickers when creating a job.  These were causing confusion and were not functioning properly.
  • General UX/UI improvements
  • Improved the functionality of Client Communications
  • Removed the My Day feature from users in the “Technician” role.  Master Technicians, Dispatchers and Admins still have this permission.
  • Lead Sources now show on Customer Exports
  • We now show the Job Number on Proposals

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where visits were reporting incorrectly on the Agenda View
  • Fixed an issue where notifications were being sent users to perform Happy Checks and Follow Ups for cancelled and archived jobs
  • Fixed an issue where Billing Addresses were not showing on the Customer Export
  • Fixed an issue with how Callback Visits were being handled
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