Billing Addresses broken down

In Pointman 9.3.0 we made some changes to the Default Mailing Address fields in the Customer section:

Before, you used to be able to select one of the properties associated with the customer from a dropdown menu (see below).

Now you have the option to select whether or not the Default Mailing Address is the same as the Service Address or not by using a check box (see below).


The use of this check box/these fields:

  1. If you have a customer with only one property, and you bill the customer at that address, check the box.
  2. If you have a customer with multiple properties and you bill the address for which the job is scheduled for, check the box.
  3. If you have a customer with multiple properties and you send the bill to ONLY ONE address for all jobs (landlord/tenant situation), un check the box.  You will then be presented with a list of fields which you can fill in with the appropriate Default Mailing Address information.

*Note* This information is tied directly to the Customer and only needs to be set one time, however it can be changed once set.


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