What do the Time Status' mean and how do I change them?

First, you will need to click on the Status button:

Once you've pressed the Status button you will see the following screen:

As you punch through the main Time card Status', the following 3 screen will update as follows:

The following shows what each individual status means - 

Scheduled - Job has been assigned to someone in the Office, or a Tech in the field.

Dispatched - Tech is driving to the Property location.

Onsite - Tech has arrived to the property and is beginning work.

Complete - Office staff or Tech has completed the work in the Office backend or in the field.  Either way, the Proposals, Invoice, Discount, Notes, and anything else regarding the job have been finalized.

In addition, there are options for if the Customer Cancels or if the Customer is running late:

Postpone Job - If the customer is running late, then you will want to postpone the job until they are able to get to the location.  This is postponing by 20 - 60 minutes or so.  If they cancel for the day, you will want to chose the "Cancel Visit" option.

Cancel Visit - If they cancel for the day, you will want to choose the "Cancel Visit" option.


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