Pointman Version 9.0.4 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the "None" filter was returning no results on the History screen.  Now, when going to the History tab for a Contact, the filter will default to "All Jobs" which will return any and all jobs for that customer regardless of their status.  You can still use the filter to narrow down your job status if needed.
  • Fixed an issue where Proposal and Invoice information was getting cut short and replaced with ellipsis (...) rather than showing the full text.
  • Fixed a display issue where Contract information was no longer showing under the Open Contract Work section on the right-hand panel of the Dispatch board.
  • Fixed a display issue where visit times (onsite, dispatched, completed, etc.) were no longer showing on a visit when looking at the Visits tab of a Job.
  • Fixed an issue where both the "Created on/by" and "Updated on/by" dates were being updated when changes were made to a record rather than just the "Updated on/by" date.
  • Updated areas where old Field Nimble naming was still present and replaced it with Pointman.
  • Fixed a display issue on Proposals and Invoices when they were being viewed by a customer on a mobile device.


  • Improved the overall functionality of the Pointman and QuickBooks Online integration
  • Improved the user experience for the WePay registration process with Pointman

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