Field Nimble Release Version 8.5.2

New Features:
-There is now a "Reset" and "Run" button on the top of the invoice reports rather then having a "Clear" button at the bottom of that screen. Read about how to use our Invoice report here. 
-We now have a "Past Due" stamp that appears on the top of any invoice for which the invoice due date has passed and there is still a remaining balance due. Read more about the Past Due feature here.  
-There is now a date filter for the Bulk Finalize screen which will help you to bulk finalize using specific time frames. Read how to do this here. 
-Quickbook Desktop users can now customize fields for the QB Identifier field so they can manually change to the customers name. Read how here. 
-Content Blocks will now show up on proposals prior to having a customer sign and agree to something. Previously these only showed on PDF versions after signature and acceptance. Read more about this here. 
-A new Notification icon will appear for Dispatchers and Admins whenever a failed WePay transaction occurs or when a customer has approved or rejected a Proposal by email. Read more about this notification icon and how it works here. 
-You can now reassign the primary technician on a job (this is helpful if you plan to use the accompanying reports). Previously the first tech to complete the job would be listed as the technician on that job. Read how to do this here. 
-Under email History Tab, you'll now be able to see the content/body of the email that was sent.  
-You can now "Un-complete" a proposal. Learn how here. 

Bug Fixes:

-Employee Time tracking can now be manually entered without errors
-Slide bars have been fixed on the Job report for all screen sizes
-Users entering New Flat Rate pricebooks can now enter multi line descriptions without errors
-Nearby Now users will only see the notification pop up when a job is completed onetime rather then multiple times. 
-The Hide Line Items will now function properly whether you are logged into Field Nimble or not. To read more about hiding line items, click here. 
-Tagging is functioning properly for contacts/employees

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