How can my customers pay their bill?

  • Open the customer's job
  • If you're on the Pointman app, Select the Invoice button on your Dashboard.  If you're on the desktop version of Pointman, click the Invoice tab.
  • Click the orange down-arrow in the upper right hand corner and select Email.
  • Review that customer's email and update it if necessary.  
  • If you have any additional notes that you'd like to include on email for your customer add those in the Additional Notes field.  These will appear directly in the email body like such:
  • When you have the email address and any additional notes entered, click Send.
  • Your customer will receive an email that looks similar to this:
  • They'll want to click the green View Invoice button which will launch an invoice viewer in Pointman.
  • The customer will want to click the green Make a Payment button
  • They can only pay via Credit Card - so they will want to fill in all of the required fields, and then click Pay.
  • Your customer will receive confirmation that the payment was successfully processed and they will be returned to the invoice viewer.


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