Field Nimble Release Notes Version 7.9.0

New Features:
-Adding calendar events to an employee calendar. Dispatchers can now block off time on the dashboard for vacations/meetings/PTO etc. without having to create it as a job type. Click here to read our Help Article on how to use this new feature. 
-The Agenda view now includes a filter for Employees, so you can select which employee schedule you want to be viewing.
-You can now track a lead source on a job as well as on a contact. Read how to do this here. 
-Can now change a job & visit status to "cancelled". Read how here.
-Can now add a "postponed reason" to job details. (read the above article for how to do this).
Ability to track which "dispatcher" or employee booked a job/visit on the Job Details screen. Read how to add this to a visit here. 
-Ability to hide line items on an invoice is now available. This is from a company level only and not on a job by job basis. Read how to set this here. 
-Added contact name, email, phone, and address to invoice reports so that users can now run inclusive reports for multiple purposes. 

Bug Fixes:
-Any log in issues experienced on the Tech App have been fixed
-If companies are scheduling many jobs into the same time slots the weekly view has been modified to read more clearly without having to scroll as much. 
-Adding a new Team to the dashboard no longer requires a refresh to show up
-Long invoices with a "last page" link now navigates correctly
-Converting a user from Tech-no-login to another status now functions properly

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