How can I export a Customer List from Quickbooks Online?

QuickBooks Online has the option to see how many customers are in your company file.

Select Sales or Invoicing from the left menu.
Select Customers at the top.
Scroll to the bottom of the Customers screen
There is a customer count listed on the bottom right. NOTE: If there are more customers in your QuickBooks Online company file than shows on one page, click Last and the complete customer count will be on that page.

If you click on the gear icon just below the green bar to the right of the Customers screen, you can change the amount of rows shown from 50, 150, or 300.
Note: Terms on left menu bar will vary based on company setup 

If you would like a report of customers for mailing lists or to have all of their data on a list, you can export your  Customer Contact List to Excel:

Select Reports from the left menu.
In the report search box, type Customer Contact  (the search box may in the upper right corner if you have the Accountant version of QuickBooks Online)
Click on Customer Contact List.

In the upper left corner of report, click the Customize button to filter any data you would like on this report, then click Run Report.

Here's the fields that we need for Pointman:

  • Customer
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Shipping Street 1
  • Shipping Street 2
  • Shipping City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Zip
  • Notes

Click Export (top right icon that looks like a paper with an arrow on it)
Click Select Excel (XLS)
Once the file has been exported to Excel, you can sort the data based on different criteria (i.e., address, currency, open balance amounts, etc.). For more detailed steps on using Excel, you will need to refer to the Help option within Excel.

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