Field Nimble Version 7.8.0 Release Notes

Feature Upgrades:
-Added a due date to invoices
-Quickbooks Online Integration (Released to beta testers only)
-Users can now click over to the job or invoice from the Reports screen. Icon shows in the contact record of the report and will open up job details.
-Added a "Job Type" column to the payment reports
-Now allowing items on a proposal to be taxed differently than the default
-If a photo is taken via mobile on a job, FN will record the visit which that photo was captured. If a Photo was added while on invoices in the web app FN will record the Invoice ID.
-Finalized Jobs on the dispatch board will now be shown in a grayed out color to differentiate from Open jobs. 
-Job details, FN will now capture the create date of that job (this will be pulled into future reporting).
-Search results on adding proposal items to a proposal will expand beyond 2 items if there is more screen space available.
-When emailing a proposal or invoice, there is now an additional notes field so that users can add a "body" of the email when sending to customers if wanted. 
-Added information for users to be able to see what release version FN is on and any code-push updates. Available on mobil devices only. 
-Added an "Agenda" view on the dispatch dashboard to be able to see a list of all jobs for the day from earliest to latest for all technicians. Contains info on time, tech and appointment info.
-Users can now see the status of an Email sent to their customer (bounced, delivered, opened etc.) This applies only to new emails and not any past emails that have already been sent since this update. 

Bug Fixes:
-A users organization is now set as the default when they register (only affects users in multiple organizations).
-Can now Delete/Archive a user with "Tech No Log In" status
-When emailing proposals or invoices, you can use a comma to separate and send the proposal or invoice to multiple email addresses. 
-Various other small back-end big fixes also took place

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