Setting up Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be created for any information you want to capture that Pointman is not already capturing. 


  • Asset Custom Fields: You can keep track of any assets at a customers location. If you want to track the type, manufacturer or condition, we already have that in place. If there was more information you wanted to capture you could create a custom field for that such as maybe the date of installation on a particular asset or the filter size for a unit. 
  • Contact Custom Fields: We already ask for basic information on a customer, their name, address, email, phone etc. If there was more information you want to capture about a customer beyond what we have you can create custom fields. For example, maybe you want to keep track of their birthday or how many kids they have, then you can create a field specific to that!

Here's a few more examples that might help:

Asset Custom Fields:

  • Filter Size
  • Gallon Size (Water Heater)
  • Gas Type
  • Efficiency (AFUE/SEER)

Contact Custom Fields:

  • Secondary Phone
  • Secondary Email
  • Fax Number
  • Pet's Name
  • Birthday

Employee Custom Fields:

  • Hire Date
  • Birthday
  • License #
  • Certifications
  • Spouse/Kid's Names

Job Custom Fields:

  • Tax Exempt Customer Type (Church, Charity)

Property Custom Fields:

  • Gate Code
  • Garage Code #
  • House Color
  • Damaged Property Description

Hopefully you get the idea behind custom fields at this point, just know that you can do this for everything mentioned in the Custom Fields Tabs under configuration.

Assets, Contacts, Employees, jobs and properties all have sections for you to custom design any information you want to track. In the near future, Pointman will have a more robust reporting suite in which you'll be able to report on anything that has its own field. 

So how do you set up a Custom Field? Click on the section from your Settings -->Custom Fields area and select the orange plus button in the upper right hand corner. All you need to do from here is name your new field and click Add. 

Sometimes you might not know what fields you want to custom create until you begin using Pointman regularly. If you are an Admin, you can create a Custom Field for something on the fly if you decide later you need to capture some sort of information. 

If for example, you are adding a customer to your database and you think of a field you want to add, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the record, you will see a tab for "Add New Custom Field" If you click on it, it will add a new field only to the type you are currently working in, like below, we are adding a customer, so it will add the custom field to our contact records. 


 If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

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