Field Nimble Version 7.6 Release Notes

New Features:

-Admin users can now add new item types from most drop down menus on the go. You no longer need to open the configuration screen to add a new item type, job notes etc. You'll be able to select "Add New" from the drop down and type in new fields as needed. *Only admin users have this function, dispatchers do not. Read more about this update here. 
-Admins can now edit their employees details (email, phone, picture etc.) on their behalf as long as the employee does not belong to any other companies. If the User is registered with the same email to multiple companies then the user would have to edit details them self by logging into their own account. 
-Admins can unlock users if they have been locked out for too many failed log in attempts. The employee should click "forgot password" to reset. Admins cannot reset passwords for users. 
-Updated the functions on adding proposals from scratch to contract jobs. You can now see the line items and the pricing. 
-When adding a new job/contract from a contact field, you no longer need to search for a contact. It will default to the contact you are currently working on. 
-Reporting for contracts now available
-Admins can now transfer the "owner" status of a company from the organization set-up screen to a different user in their organization.
-System will now store the date a photo was added to the property record.
-Lead Sources are now available on contact records for marketing purposes. Read more about this new feature here. 
-The YTD, MTD etc. reporting bar that once sat at the bottom of the dispatch screen was removed in previous releases, it has now been added back to the reporting screen only (which is only viewable by admins).
-Dashboard views can now exclude weekends from the calendar when in Week or Monthly views by clicking on the settings gear.
-You can now download Media Documents that have been saved to a customer's proposal.
-If you create a customer with a zip code that is not already part of your tax code database you will get a yellow warning message letting you know that tax code does not yet exist. Tax will be 0 until you add the tax code in your settings. 

Bug Fixes:
-Dashboard employee status icon always matches the status reported from the field.
-Finalizing an invoice with no invoice date will automatically default the date to the date the invoice was finalized.
-Uploading photos from the field app now saves without having to edit
-Other various bug fixes

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