How to use the "add new" feature to add new fields/categories on-the-go

In certain fields, you are now able to add custom options on the go instead of going into the Setup menus. Only Administrators have access to this feature. Dispatchers do not.

You can now add these fields on the go:

Adding a new Job Type:

Adding a new Note Type:

Adding a new Lead Source on the 'Contact' page:

Adding new fields under the Type, Manufacturer and Condition of Assets

To add anything new, when you are entering data into the fields, you'll see a selection of choices that you already have set up and at the very bottom there will be "Add New" If you do not see this when entering new data, you either do not have sufficient permissions to do so, or that field does not allow it and you'll have to go into the Configuration Screen and set up new items from there. For example you cannot add Price book items on the fly, when setting up a new proposal, you'll need to set those up in your price book to be able to add them in. In addition, some dropdown fields are defaults from Pointman and you cannot add to them, such as default job duration time. 

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