Training Outline : Configuration; Price Book

Setting up your Price Book is the second part to getting your Pointman account set up. 

If you want to Import an entire Price Book Read How to import a complete document. 

This is where you might want to jump a little out of order from the list shown above. Setting up your Item Types and Price Groups first will make creating new items easier if you are adding them one at a time. You'll notice in the image below, when adding a new item you'll be asked to give it an Item Type and Price Group. While you can add a new type or price group on the fly, if its your first time in the system, setting them up first will make adding your items later, easier. 

Adding Items: This page is where you can view all the items in your Price Book or add single items one at a time. Hit the Big Blue Plus button in the upper right hand corner to add a new item.

This screen will let you set up all the information specific to the item as viewed on the customer side (how it will appear on a proposal or invoice) as well as any internal information you want to add about the item. 

Item Types: Item Types is a section where you can categorize your Price Book items. For example, you can organize them by Parts, Labor and Tasks, or anything else that helps you out! You can add a Type the same way you do everything else in the system, the Big Blue Plus. 

Media: Media is for any pictures, videos or files you want to have stored. Once you name the Media and choose a type you'll be presented with an upload option. 

Price Groups: The Price Groups are sections that you can add your Price Book Items into. Once you name the Group for which certain Items will fall into (i.e HVAC Tasks) you can say whether or not that group of items is taxable, you can also say whether you want the Group to round to the nearest dollar, in other worlds if you offer a 10% discount, do you want it to round to a flat dollar amount or do you want change on the invoice. 

After you "Add" that Price Group, you can switch tabs on the top to the Price Levels Tab. This is where you can offer different discounts or mark ups. You can set up a Standard Price that will charge the normal amount (100%), or maybe you offer a VIP price where you can offer 20% off (80%), or even an after hours price where you have a 20% markup. (120%)


Proposal Templates: This is the last section in the Price Book setup. Proposal templates are great to have in place for services that you complete that are the same time and time again. Having a template set up makes it easy for your tech to grab a proposal without having to edit or create while at a customers location. Keep in mind even if you use a template you can still modify it on the fly. 
To set up a proposal template click into that tab and hit that Big Blue Plus button.

The first step is to name the Proposal and provide a short summery for it. As you scroll down you'll see other items you can customize about this template, however none of it is required. 

The second step will be adding your Proposal Template Items. To do this Tab over at the top from Proposal Template to Proposal Template Items (seen above). Once you hit the Big Blue Plus button again you will see the screen below to add Items:

Typing an item into the search bar and the system will auto pull any Items from your Price Book that match that. Select the item you want to add, and click Add in the lower Right hand corner. You can add as many items as you'd like to a template, but remember it will add everything, every time you use this template for a customer. 

Save the Item template and hit the X to leave the screen. It will return you to the window that shows what you currently have added. You can either X out of the template here and everything will save, or you can hit Next and jump over to Media. This would be where you could add any of the media items you added in earlier steps. Anything you would want attached to a proposal, an image, document etc. 

*Note: you are just setting up a Proposal in this step, this is what will need to be Accepted or Rejected in order to create an Invoice for your customer later. Typically, it will be emailed to them, or shown to a customer in person from a techs iPad or device in the field. We'll cover creating an invoice in later steps. 

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