Training Outline 1: I want to set up Pointman on my own - Start Here!

If you consider yourself tech savvy and want to do the set-up all on your own time, no problem. We've made it easy to do that! You can watch our Video Trainings online here where we have dozens of videos to show you what to do. Or follow the outline below and you'll be up and running in no time! 

*Please Note, we do recommend onboarding with one of our Customer Success Team members to take full advantage of learning the system and getting it configured to maximize use for your company needs! 

*This document will outline how to set up the General Configuration Screen. Be sure to check out some of our other Training Outlines for more information on Price Books, Jobs info, Invoices, Custom Fields, Assets and Integrations

Where to start?  This article will highlight how to set up the General configuration Screen. 

When you log in for the first time, you have a blank slate with only a few sample items. The first thing to do is head into your Configuration Screen on the bottom of the left side navigation.

Your organization is the first Step. Some of this will be pre-filled from your registration, but you can go in here and edit anything. 

  1. Set your reply email address from which emails sent from the Pointman system will display as.
  2. Set up the email subject line (i.e Thank You for your Business)
  3. Add a body of the email message (if desired)
  4. Add your company Website and Company logo
  5. Set up your Quick books integration (if necessary) 

Adding your Employees / Technicians is next, heading back into Configuration Screen, General. Select the Employees tab. 

  1. Click the big Blue Plus button to Add a new employee, it will open a screen to add all the employee details. If the employee does not have their own email address or you as the Admin are doing all the set up for their account you can set up passwords on their behalf. 
  2. Don't worry about assigning Teams to your employees in this first step. We can do that in the next part. Leave that field blank when initially setting up. 

Setting up Teams - Under the Configuration screen, General, select the Teams tab.

  1. In the Team view, click on the big Blue Plus button to add a new team. 
  2. In this view you can create the name of the team in the description field and then select the names of the employees who you want to be on that team 

3. You can do this to create as many teams as you want. It will allow you to view only certain teams at a time on the dashboard, so if you have many employees you can more clearly have a look at the scheduling dashboard.

Setting up Credit Card Processing: If you are going to process credit cards through Pointman you will first need to configure the Credit Card Processing. Pointman uses WePay as our Payment Gateway. This is the only gateway which we can process credit cards through at this time. 

To start setting up your credit card, first fill out the information page, and agree to the conditions outlined in the attachment and click Enroll in the lower right corner. After you click enroll an email will be sent to you with a link from WePay to continue verification. The email will look like this below:

It will take you to our Third Party Gateway WePay to finish set up. Once you do that bounce back into Pointman and your credit processing screen will now look like this:

You can either Resend the email to yourself if you did not receive it (check Spam), unroll from processing at any time, and add your account information. 

Data Import/Export: The last section under General Setup is how you can do bulk Imports for your Customer List, Your Price Book, Tax Codes or do a QuickBooks Export. 

In order to import Your Customer List and your Price Book, you will first need to make sure the Excel Spreadsheet is in the correct format. When you click on either of the buttons to Import a second window will open where you can either download a sample sheet or import (if your document is formatted) Read here how to import your customers or Import your Price Book. 

The Tax Code Import follows the same procedure as the customers and price books imports. 

In order to Export into QuickBooks Desktop read this article here for all the information.

Continue your set up: Up next read our Outline on PriceBook Set Up.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

Phone: 800-566-6940

Chat with us!

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