My Employee doesn't have an email to send an invitation to OR how to set up the account on their behalf.

If you are trying to set up a new employee and they do not have an email address to send the invitation to you may set up an account on their behalf. 

By sending an invitation to the employee you are allowing them to log into the site on their own and create their own password. If you want to create the account for them and tell them what their password will be, or they do not use a work email address where they can do this on their own, you can set a password up as an admin.

To do this, when adding a new employee you will have to enter all their information as you normally would. First Name, Last Name, Email (if you are letting them accept on their own) Phone number, Role and Team (if you choose). You can also set a profile picture. Next to the email field you will notice a box that says "Create Password" 

If your employee does not have an email address you can enter your own and add "+*technicians name) and select the check box to create a password on their behalf. 

If you do not check the box that says create password then an email will automatically be sent to your employee for them to create this on their own. By selecting the box you are choosing the password and setting up the account so they can log in without accepting an invitation first. Remember to write down the password you chose so the employee will be able to log in. 

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