Field Nimble Version 6.4 Release Notes

New Features:

-When creating a new job, the system with skip over the history section if it is a new contact or property being added for the first time
-The unassigned column can be hidden from view, it will default to be shown. See Help article here for how to do this
-Unassigned drop down was added back into side panel in the event the column is hidden from view
-A finalized invoice can no longer be edited
-Jobs cannot be deleted if it has a payment or proposal on it
-If contacts are imported from Quickbooks, a QB identifier now shows on that contact
-Technicians will now get a detailed error message if they are trying to log into the side of the portal they do not have access to
Bug Fixes:

-Tax Rates are displaying correctly on all invoices
-Adding or editing price levels now display correctly
-Any changes made to the detail of a property or contact photo now save in real time
-When adding job notes from a device you can now see its visibility to customer
-Newly added assets or any changes made to assets now update in real time
-When adding a new item to a proposal you can now select from multiple price levels rather than just adding a manual price
-All property photos now display when in a job or on contact view
-Photo uploads to assets now update in real time, not on app restart
-Visit Status shows on mobile devices
-Can delete price levels without error message
-Can now archive tax codes
-Errors corrected for adding a new proposal from scratch
-Errors corrected for editing proposal templates
-Editing a price now displays in real time for search
-Email settings have been updated to show on invoices
-Various other small bug fixes

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