Printing the day for your employees

Technicians only receive jobs to their mobile devices for their NEXT (or current) scheduled job. They cannot see on the mobile app a view of their entire day. Many companies, only want their technicians to focus on one job at a time and tend to them in the order they are scheduled. Some companies have asked for the ability for their techs to at least have some sort of printable schedule so they can see what their day as a whole looks like. While working jobs on the mobile device still only allows your tech to see and work through their current job, we have added the ability for a dispatcher or admin to print their day to a PDF view so their tech can have something to see with their day outlined. 

On the dashboard you will notice a print icon show up if your tech has a job scheduled (the icon does not show if there is nothing to see).

By clicking on this print icon, a .pdf of their day's schedule will be downloaded to your computer. You can then print this.

It includes all the information for the customer and the type of job. It does not include any other job details. 


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