Exporting Customer list from Quickbooks Desktop to Import into Pointman

Export the list and unique identifier to allow transactions from Pointman to populate existing customers.



When you export your files from Pointman and import them into Quickbooks you will be creating Invoices, Payments, and adding customer information into Quickbooks. However, if you already have existing customers in Quickbooks you want to export that data so that the invoices and payments get added for the correct customer.  Any new customers or customers previously imported from Pointman data will automatically get added and transactions will be applied to the correct customer. 

 These instructions are for any existing customers in your Quickbooks account:

1.) Go into Quickbooks and click on "Reports" Tab and click "Customers & Receivables" and click "Customer Contact List."

2.) Click on "Customize Report." 

3.) Once inside you want to add fields for:

First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Street 1
Street 2

You want to make sure each field is a separate column, not just the name or address in one field, as the import file has them separate in Pointman. See pictures below for an example. In addition you want the field "Customer" as well.  This is the unique Identifier and the one that will connect the transactions to the customer from Pointman.  (Please Note: This is most likely just the First Name and Last name,  unless you have duplicate named customers)


4.) Export the list to Microsoft Excel.
5.) Log into Pointman, click on "Configuration" from the left side menu and click the "Data Import" button and select "Customer Import" Then download the sample import file by clicking the Down Arrow button

6.) Copy the fields from your export from Quickbooks into the sample file. Make sure you keep the column names from the sample file in the order they are in as that is how the import will validate.  In addition, copy the field labeled "Customer" from the QB export into the field labeled "Contact Quickbooks Identifier."


7. Import the file and make sure the fields match up in the import view and click "submit."



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