Field Nimble Version 6.1 Release Notes

New Features:

-Export for Quickbooks Desktop Edition (QB Online coming soon) features are now available to all users (Help Articles Here)
-Added a new “Unassigned” Category to the dashboard that now looks like an employee on the board. This will schedule the visit to the right date and time and can be moved to an open employee. Unassigned category has now been removed from the side panel. Unscheduled is still there for jobs that have no date/time or Technician. 
-Added a new content block to the payment screen
-You can now print the entire day worth of jobs for an employee or tech
-When sending customer invoice emails they can now see a link to save the invoice as a PDF
-The ability to print and email proposals, (similar to how invoices go out) has been added
-Sign in background page color has been changed to white
-“About” screen has been added to mobile app so we can see what version a customer is on and offer better support for issues

Bug Fixes: 

-Customer Import Sample file has been updated to reflect new customer contact fields
-Optimized logo sizes on invoices to accommodate variety of logo sizes and shapes
-Invite employee emails now valid for 7 days rather than 24 hours
-Menu option to “restart” the app, if necessary

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