Invoice Reports: What does the "Due On" dropdown report?

When running an Invoice report, there are 3 options in a dropdown under the the "Due On" column.

To get here, click on the Reports button, by default the Invoices option is selected under Operations Dashboard.  From here scroll to the bottom and you will see what looks like a spreadsheet.

The Due On column has 3  options: Accepted Proposal Date, Invoice Date, and Due Date.


Here is what all 3 options report on

Due Date

The job will appear under the Due Date dropdown, if a "Due Date" was set on the Details tab.  If it was not, then this report will look for an “Invoice Date” and use that if it was set on the Details Tab.  

Invoice Date

The job will appear under the Invoice Date dropdown, if the Invoice Date was set on the Details tab OR if no invoice date or due date was set, then when the job is finalized it becomes Invoice Date.

Accepted Proposal Date

The job will appear under the Accepted Proposal Date dropdown if there is no Invoice Date or Due Date set PLUS the job is NOT Finalized.

*Due Date and Invoice Date is set from the Details Tab



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