Does a proposal have to be accepted before you can finalize an invoice?

Yes.  The only way to get the Invoice to populate, is to Accept a Proposal.  To Learn how to build a Proposal, please click HERE.

However, you CAN apply payment to an invoice before the proposal is accepted, but your invoice will show that all the price details will read $0.00 until the proposal is accepted. (but you can see that a payment was applied, we just can't see what the total was or what the balance of this invoice might be). Once you Present the proposal (either to the customer or internally) You can Accept or Reject it. 

Accepting the proposal will allow all the details in the Proposal to show on the invoice. 

Now you can see all the details of the proposal. (You can still see the payment that was applied prior) but now you are also able to see that there is a balance on the invoice.

Accepting the proposal is an important step in finalizing the invoice. Once all payments are received you can finalize the invoice and it will become part of your completed and finalized jobs in your reports.


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