What is the difference between a Job and a Visit?

In Pointman, a Job is a collection of work for which you'll produce one Invoice. The work for this Job can be done across multiple days and multiple technicians.

The scheduling of a date and time to perform work on a job is called a Visit. Visits can be unassigned (there is a time and date but no employee assigned), scheduled (an employee is assigned at a date and time), in-progress (the employee is currently working the visit), or completed (the visit has been marked as complete by the employee.) 

When a job is first created, it will have no visits. A Job in this state is called "Unscheduled". When you select a time for at least one Visit, the Job becomes "Unassigned." Assigning a Technician to the Visit makes the Job "Scheduled."


To find out how to schedule multiple visit, click HERE.

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