How do I create a Proposal (not from a Template)

You will need to open an existing job, or create a new one. To learn how to create a new job, click HERE.
  • Then click on the Proposal Tab.
  • Click the blue plus (+) button in the upper right-hand corner:
  • Select + Start New Proposal.
  • Fill out the necessary fields.  



  • Click the Add button, followed by the Save button.
  • Tap the Proposal Item tab.
From here you will select each pricebook item that needs to be on the proposal. Press the plus (+) button.
This brings you to a "Select a pricebook item" search field. Click into that box.

Start typing in that field.  After you have 2 or 3 letters of whatever you are searching for, you will see options that contain those letters.

For Example, if I want an Air Conditioning Safety Check from my Price Book, I type in "air con" and you can see the results display:


From here, you have two options. You can click the Item you want to add to the Proposal, which will allow you ensure that all of the details are correct, like Quantity, etc. 


Then press the "Add" button

This will bring you back to the Proposal Items screen.  From here you can add multiple items.

Alternatively, you can click the the small "+" symbol to the right of the line item, which will add it to the proposal without additional screens.


Once all items have been added to the Proposal, then Click the X in the upper right hand corner and this will bring you back to the main Proposals screen.

From here you can add more options, for instance, you can setup something like "Good, Better, Best" options for the customer to select from.

Once a Proposal is Accepted, the Invoice will be populated.
To accept a Proposal, you first must click on the Present button, and then select Complete:
To find out how to Setup a Proposal Template, please click HERE


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