Error: "Invalid user for agent (asdm1)"

This occurs when a user is in a group that does not have permission to log into SWRemote.  

Steps to fix the issue
1.  Log into SuccessWare21 with administrative credentials

2.  Click on the 21 icon

3.  Click Setup

4.  Click User Manager

5.  Double-click the user that is having issues logging in

6.  Click the Groups button

7.  Click the Logon-14 tab

8.  Click the Edit button lower middle

9.  Check the box for 'swmagent' located in the list to the left, scroll down to the bottom

10.  Click Save.

Have the technician try to log in again.  It will now allow them to login.


Note: If you wish to use the RemoteTech usergroups, in the User Manager section, select Groups and then select Remote User Groups... which will add them into your usergroup list.


If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

Phone: 800-566-6940

Chat with us! 

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