Error: Could not open location storage folder

I have Advance2000 and I can't get Dropbox to sync with SuccessWare21 and I'm getting the below error message. What can I do?

The below method is confirmed with Advance2000 Customers. 

There is a setting in Citrix that may be preventing access to your S: or T: (Depending on which was set up for Dropbox) drive. 

1. With a session already open to Successware21, Right-Click the Citrix Receiver icon in tray, then click Connection Center. This opens the Citrix Connection Center dialog box.

2. Click the Preferences button.

3. Now make certain that the top option button for “Read and Write” is selected. If not, click it and then click Apply and OK.

4. You can close these Citrix windows and retest Location Documents immediately, no PC restart is needed. It will work now.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 
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