How to set up Agreement Templates in SuccessWare21 for use with SWRemote ?

1.  21 Button

2.  Customer Service and then Call Center

3.  Seclect a customer and press F7 (or right click Agreements...), even if the customer does not have an agreement

4.  At the bottom of the agreements screen press the "New Agreement" button.

5.  Press the "Type" dropdown in the upper left hand corner, this will show all agreement templates that you have active in the system.

6.  Choose a Template to edit into a new Agreement, by double clicking on it.  Then press "Yes".

7.  You will need to fill out all important information.

*The Video below goes into detail on the specifics of each field.

8.  Once you hit save you have the option to overwrite the existing template or create a new template.

9.  After you create your templates, you can run the update on our Admin Site by going HERE or you can email us, and we can push the changes over for you.

10.  Finally you will need to instruct your technicians to tap the Settings button inside the SWRemote app on the device, and choose Force Resync to retrieve those new changes.

For more in depth instructions, please watch the 8 minute video below - 

*Video : How to set up Agreement Templates in SuccessWare21 for use with SWRemote

For help inside of SuccessWare21 -

  • Tap F1(Help)
  • Search for Agreement(s)
  • Under Agreement(s) you will see Agreement Templates
  • Tap Display button on bottom



If you require further assistance on this topic, please reach out to SuccessWare21’s support team - 

Phone: 888-251-2779

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