Accepting or rejecting a proposal by email

When you create a proposal for your customers, your office dashboard or the technician working in the field has always had the ability to email that proposal to your customer to review. Now when your techs send the email out to a customer they can review the proposal and either Accept or Reject it with one easy click, right from the email you sent. 

When you send an email it will look like this, a very clear button will allow them to View the proposal. 


After they click on the link, they will see the full proposal and upon scrolling to the bottom, they will see the green and red buttons that allows them to accept or reject on the spot. 

Once its been accepted or rejected it will no longer appear on the link that came in the email. instead they will see a status as Accepted or Rejected, in the example below we have already accepted this one.  

They will have the ability to download and save the proposal as well. Your company will be notified via the notifications section inside the app that a proposal has a new status on it. 

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