Can a tech view their whole day rather than just their current job?

One of the biggest questions our team gets is how can a technician in the field view more of their daily jobs than just the next one, or current one they are on? While a tech cannot select which job they want to work on next, there is a way for them to get a glimpse into what is on their plate for the entire day ahead, in the order they are scheduled. 

On the Mobile App, each technician has a profile picture or avatar in the upper right hand corner, if they tap that icon and small menu will appear. Select "My Day"


Once you click on "My Day" techs will be able to see a list of jobs with basic details about the job like, Job Type (based on company color code) date, time, expected duration, and address. 

Please let our team know if you would like to request permissions on this feature. For example if you do NOT wish for your team to see their whole day or you'd like to see it on a tech by tech basis and we can review this as a feature upgrade. 


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