How can I cancel or postpone a job?

You can cancel a job and a visit without having to delete/archive the job entirely from your records. 

To cancel a Visit from a job, (which means you would be cancelling a scheduled appointment on that job) Open the Job and click on the Visits screen. 


You can see above that we have one Visit, with status of "Scheduled". In order to change this to cancelled, click on the downward arrow in the right corner and select edit. From there you can simply change the status of the job, from Scheduled to Cancelled. 


If you want to cancel the entire job, meaning the customer no longer requires your service, or you want to remove all history of this job from your reports. Click over to the "Details" Screen. 


You will notice there are two check boxes available, one for Postponed and one for Cancelled. By clicking the check box to cancel a job you will remove/cancel all visits associated with this job as well. Once you click on the boxes a reason field will pop up that will allow you to select from a list of preset reasons why you are cancelling the job. 


You Cannot cancel a job that has any Proposals on it that have already been accepted, if a payment has been taken and has not been refunded or there are any visits with a status past the point of "scheduled". 

Postponing a job with place that job into the "postponed" category on your dashboard list, so that you may reschedule a visit at a later date. 


To Un-Postpone a job all you need to do is uncheck the 'Postponed' box. For more information, see HERE.

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