How to view sent emails (Email Status)

When you send an email out to a customer by way of emailing them a proposal or an invoice, you can view the status of that email in two ways.  You'll be able to monitor if an email was delivered, opened, clicked, bounced etc. 

Under your Settings gear, tap General. Below that is Sent Emails.


You can view a full list of all emails sent out and their status on this list by selecting a start date and end date, or by choosing an email status or specific email address. 

In the image above you can see we have a status of ALL selected. You can change the results by either changing the date, changing the status, or by searching out an exact email address that you want to track. 

The second way of retrieving the status of an email that you sent out is by viewing it on the specific job or customer that you wish to track. When you are in Job you can use the tabs at the top to navigate to the very end where you'll find an "Email History" tab. 

Here you will also find the status of the email. In the image above you can see two emails have been sent out, and both have been marked "opened". 

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