How do I email a copy of a proposal/invoice to my customers?

You can send not only a copy of any Proposal, but also a copy of the invoice to a customer via email.

When sending Proposals, you can only send one proposal at a time. 

To send a copy of either of those, simply tap the blue down arrow  on the Invoice/Proposals screens and tap the Email button.

If you're sending the Proposal, you can always edit it as needed. 

If there's an email address on file for a customer, it will appear automatically. If you want to update that email address, simply clear it out of the email field and then select the Send and Update button when you're done. You can also add any notes to this invoice as well, and that will appear in that email as well.


When you're done, click either Send if you're not updating an email address, or Send and Update to add the new email address to the customer's account.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

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