How to set up Job Notes and practical ways to use them

Job Note Types can be extremely helpful for both your internal staff and your customers. You can set up categories so that your office staff can leave notes to your technicians, your technicians can leave notes back to your office staff or they can write up useful notes that can be customer facing and presented nicely to them.

The first thing to note is that when setting up a Job Note, you can designate whether a note appears on Invoices or not. By checking the box when you set up a Job Note you make it so that this field would show on an invoice and therefore would be customer facing. By leaving this box unchecked it marks it as Internal only.

Some great ways to utilize this section would be first to include something like "Instructions", this might be notes that your dispatchers can leave for your technicians when they are taking a call from a customer. They can note here anything mentioned by the customer that would be helpful to the tech, it could be warnings or messages about the house location, such as a gated community, dogs on site, or a VIP customer. They can make notes about the job itself or problems the customer is experiencing so the tech has info before arriving to a job. 

Setting up an "Internal Notes" section is a great way for your techs to be able to communicate back to the office about something noteworthy on the job. 

"Work Completed" is a good example of something that you might have "appear on invoice" as a way for your technician to write up what exactly they did for the customer while on site. 

"Parts Used" could be something that is either for a customer to know or for internal staff when documenting inventory items and what was used on the job. 

How to set up your Job Notes:

Head into your configuration screen and select Invoices, Job Note Types will be the second section. 

To add a new Note, click on the big blue plus button in the upper right hand corner.

Creating a new note is simple, just name the note and select whether or not you want this particular note to appear on your invoices. *Again, leaving the box unchecked will make it so it stays as Internal Notes only. 

Click Add and then you may close out of the box. 

Writing up the note comes from working the real job. On the 2 screen shots below you can a see a new Job is being created, once I get to the Notes section of the job I have the option to leave a note. By clicking the blue plus button I can add a note, then select from a drop down which section this note falls under and I can type in my response here and click Add to have it save to the new job. 

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