Creating Content Blocks

Content Blocks usually include your fine print. It's anything that you want to appear on the bottom of your company's invoices or proposals. Creating a content block will appear exactly as it sounds, a block at the bottom of the invoice or proposal that includes the content you wish to have appear on EVERY invoice, proposal (or both) that you send out.  Usually this might include things such as your warranty information, your contractor license info, customer authorizations etc. You can chose when you create a content block whether it should appear on invoices only, proposals only, or both. This way you can customize each document. 

To set up a content block, head into your Settings Screen. Under invoices select Content Blocks. 

To add a new Content Block, click on the blue Plus button in the upper right hand corner.

You'll want to start by titling your new section with something that explains what's in the content, For example, "Terms and Conditions".

From there you select the check box for where you wish this content block to appear. Something like Terms and Conditions might appear across all channels. Something specific to a proposal might only appear there. 

Invoices and Proposals can both be emailed out to customers and should include the content that you wish for them to see and hang on to. Content Blocks for Payments will only appear when a customer is presented a payment screen by the technician in the field, so something they might be agreeing to when they sign off on a payment. 

The last field to complete is the content itself. You can enter up to 1000 characters in this space, just note that the longer the content is, the longer it will make your invoice documents, so it might be pushing an invoice out to be printed on more than one page. 

Click Add, at the bottom of the screen in order to save the Content Block then you may X out of the screen. 


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