How to force close the Pointman App

Sometimes the Pointman app needs to be restarted. If you are experiencing a glitch or after a new product update or release, the app will sometimes function better after you close it down and restart it. 

iOS Users: (Phones or Tablets)

In order to close the app,  double tap the home button in the bottom center and it will show a screen of all the apps your currently have open. Locate the Pointman app by scrolling though the slides of open apps. Touch the screen and swipe up to force close the app.

Android Users: (Phones or Tablets)

Closing down apps on Android devices might vary with different device versions, on some you can double tap the home screen to launch all open apps and on others you will need to press and hold the home screen for a second or two to launch this screen. 
Locate the Pointman App and swipe to the right to force close the app.

Some devices you may need to open the settings application, and select Apps from the settings list. Once it shows a list of running apps, locate the Pointman App, and tap once on it. Once you are in the app information screen, tap on "Force Stop" to stop the app for good. 

Using the Desktop Version:

If you are logging into the website version of the app, then you should be able to log out, then log back in to see any changes take effect.  The logout button can be found in the upper right hand corner using the drop down arrow next to your user ID image. 




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