Adblockers and Pointman

If you've found you aren't able to make any changes in Pointman and repeatedly get an error message or can't access a popup, you may have an Adblocker enabled. 

Please whitelist the domain or disable the Adblocker so you can continue to use this service.

In Google Chrome, on the top-right of the screen, you will see some of your current Extensions. You can also access this by hitting the Ellipsis (3 dots) and scrolling to More Tools and then Extensions.


In this case, I use Ublock Origin. If you tap the icon for it, you will have a new popup menu. Click the Power button (in blue here) to whitelist that page. Refresh the browser window and try again.



Alternatively, if you just want to remove the adblocker, you can right-click and select 'remove from Chrome' to uninstall it. 


If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 


Phone: 800-566-6940

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