Field Nimble Version 6 Release Notes

New Features:

-When Creating a new Job there is now a “Next” and “Previous” button in addition to the “Save” button 
-Field Nimble Customer Support now has the ability to Activate/Deactivate Accounts
-Field Nimble now Integrates with Nearby Now
-Under View Organization there are now two tabs, one for your Organization Information and one for API Integrations
-Added “Contact Billing Address” field. Check box available to set property as the main billing address
-Added “Company Name” field on a contact record. This will display the company name for commercial accounts on Invoices as well
-Added “Job History” tab when viewing a Job on the web version. This includes a check box to “Show Finalized Jobs”
-On mobile app there is a new button to show Job History in the main menu
-Success and Error Messages now appear larger
-There is now a Confirm dialog box that will show before you remove a property or contact
-”Reporting” on the left panel navigation has been renamed to “Reports”
-“Dashboard” on the left panel navigation has been renamed to “Dispatch”
-On a contact, jobs now have their own tabs for open and finalized
-Invoices now have “Service Dates” displaying and the Invoice Date will only show if there is a invoice date set, it now does not show if it's left blank
-Added dropdown to Organization Profile screen called “TimeZone” that allows the organization to set their timezone and have it display on the dashboard for the web app and the mobile app. This will allow dispatchers to schedule jobs based on the timezone set and not the timezone they may be in at the time of scheduling 
-On mobile app there is a “Start Navigation” button on the status screen when status is changed to dispatched
-In organization set up, there is a new field for Yahoo email addresses to send emails from “Field Nimble No Reply” in order to avoid emails from not getting through because of the Yahoo Email service
-Clicking on the property when viewing a job will now allow you to view assets and property photos without leaving the job


Bug Fixes:  

-User pictures are now loading when the profile screen is opened
-Company logos are now loading when the organization screen is opened
-Company logo can now be uploaded in any shape format (no longer just a circle)
-“Add” button now appears on Media tab in Proposals on Mobile devices
-Switch Organization Menu will now only show if a user has more than one organization
-A proposal will now stay in the same order whether they are accepted or rejected
-If payments fails there is an error message that displays now

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