Adjusting views on your dashboard

Your main dashboard is what you see when you first log in, where all your employee and jobs sit for a given day. You can change the day, week or monthly view. You can also view certain employees at a time by Team and zoom in and out. 

Day, week, month & agenda views:
To change how much you can see on your dashboard you can chose your view by the day, the week, the month or an agenda view. By default the display is on today's date.
At the top of the dashboard you will see a calendar icon by clicking on it, you'll be able to chose your view with a drop down menu. 

What you see:

View by Day

View by Week

View by Month

Agenda Views
The Agenda view shows similar to a day view in that it will show you a days worth of work. You can change the date with the arrows at the top, it will show all visits in numerical order of their time scheduled. This view also works on mobile devices for dispatchers using a web browser on a phone

Changing Teams and Zooming in and out:

You can change the number of employees you see at a given time by adjusting your Team. When setting up employees you can designate a team for them which will allow you to separate who you view on your dashboard.  Click on the Gear Icon to display the Teams and Zoom sections. Below you can see there is a drop down menu to change your team selection and below that is a Zoom feature that will allow you to choose between 3 zoom settings. 


Take note on the TOP left side of the dashboard views there are two arrows that allow you to change the dates you are currently viewing, either by jumping ahead a day/week/month or back. There is also a dropdown menu there where you can jump to a specific date. The dropdown is only available in the daily view. The arrows must be used for the weekly and monthly views. 


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