What's the Privacy Policy?

This policy applies to Pointman’s software, our web sites, and all services that we offer including those that may be made available on third-party web sites. Let’s call this Pointman’s “services.”

There are two ways you may agree to our policy:

  1. By using or accessing publicly available services, a user agrees to and is bound by the language within this policy as presented.
  2. In order to use our services appearing on our own web sites and software, you must complete registration. This includes agreeing to this Privacy Policy and any applicable Terms of Service. During registration, you must share certain information, some of which is personally identifiable (your contact details, configuration for your payment account, etc.).
  3. Use of our services appearing on third-party web sites means that you’ve accepted our Privacy Policy and any applicable Terms of Service.

Across all our services, we use personally identifiable information to help you run your business, accept payments, respond to your questions, and bring you news about new products and services.

By the way, you may post your own content about your customers, properties, jobs, visits, proposals, invoices, payments, and so forth as part of running your business. We’ll do our part with you. It’s up to you to protect your customers’, employees’, and subcontractors’ information too.

If you do not agree to this policy, you may choose to not use this service. Your continued use of this service means that you agree to this policy, so please check it periodically for updates.


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