How do I take & view Photos in SWRemote?

  • Tap the Photos tab located under the Menu.
  • Tap on the blue button, Take Photo, to take a photo.

Your Camera App will launch.  Tap the shutter button to take your photo.

You will see a preview of the photo, prompting you to either Retake, or Use Photo at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the which ever option is applicable.

The following screen will allow you to assign any of the available Tags to to the Photo. Be sure to tap Save.

Once the photo saves, you will see a thumbnail saved to this customer's Photo section. 


Can’t see a Photo that was just added to a job from the Office?

If the Tech is on a job for the same customer, they will need to Restart SWRemote if the Photo was added after they dispatched themselves to the job.

This is because the Photos download when the Tech begins the job.  The information does not update mid job, in an attempt the save on cellular Data usage.


Click HERE to find out where pictures taken in SWRemote get saved to.

Click HERE to find out how to Add or Remove Photo Tags in the Admin site.

For instructions on how to view Documents in SWRemote, click HERE.

Please note, you will not be able to take or view Photos unless Dropbox has been integrated to SWRemote. Please follow the instructions HERE to integrate Dropbox.


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