As an office staff, how can I record parts that were used on a job?

1. In a job, click the Parts Used button along the top menu


2. Click the + button 

3. Begin to type in the part that you're looking for.  Note: This search will return all item types, so be sure that the item you select is in a Parts group.


4. Once you have your part selected you can modify the following fields:

  • Quantity: How many of this part was used on this job
  • Date: The date this part was used (this is beneficial for multi day jobs)
  • Supplying Tech: The technician who 's truck the part came off of.  This will default to the Primary Technician on the job, however you can select from the list of technicians if it is not coming from the Primary Technician.

5. Once these are all filled out appropriately, click Save


You can edit these items after the fact, as well as delete them if they're incorrect by clicking the edit button or the trash can button.


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