How can I see a report of which parts need to be restocked?

*Note* You must have Administrative permissions to view this report.

1. Click the Reports tab in the main menu along the left-hand side


2. Click the Jobs and Payments tab

3. Click Parts Restock



  • In this report you can set your desired date range for which you'd like to see used parts from
  • You can also narrow down your results by using the search fields.  When you have the fields set to your liking, click the Search button
    • Employee: The employee who supplied the part
    • Item Type: The type of item that was used (ex. Part, Task, etc.)
    • Item: The item number that was used
    • Job Number: The job that parts were used for 
    • Total across all technicians: By checking this, you will see only a cumulative total of parts used for all technicians combined


  • You can download this report when you have what you're looking for.  Select which records you'd like to download into an Excel report by checking the boxes to the left of the items.  When you've got all your desired items selected, click the Download button


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