Recording Time Clock Entries from the Field

Once a technician has logged into the Pointman App on their mobile device they will see a red stopwatch button at the top of the screen.


  • Click the stopwatch button to create the Time Clock entry.
  • Use the Select a New Status dropdown and pick the Time Clock status you are beginning. If you are simply punching in but not performing a specific task, you can select “Clocked In (Available)”


  • Select Update Status.

The Stopwatch button will change to green to indicate that you are now “On the Clock”.


  • When the status of your time tracking needs to change, select the stopwatch button again, choose the new status, and then select Update Status.


To end your time tracking for a portion of the day, or when your shift has ended, click the green Stopwatch button and set your status to “Clocked Out”. This will return the Stopwatch Button to red.

Note: Changes to Time Clock Status do NOT update the Dispatch, Onsite and Completed statuses of a job you may be running. These must be updated using the Status options within the job.


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