Tags and what they can be used for

Tags are a useful tool that allows Pointman users to make important notes and define search terms for Contacts, Properties, and Jobs. This article will outline how and where to use tags, as well as their capabilities to seamlessly identify information important to your workflow.

How and where to use Tags

Many items within Pointman are tag-able. These items include:

  • Contacts
  • Properties
  • Jobs
  • Proposals

On these items, the Add Tag button can be found at the bottom of each of the corresponding windows (in the case of Jobs, it is found in the Details tab):


To add a Tag, simply click the Add Tag button, enter the chosen term, then either press the Enter key or click out of the field. After that click Save; it will then appear in all boxes referencing the particular Job, Contact, etc.

What Tags can be used for

There are lots of uses for Tags in Pointman. One of the more prevalent uses of Tags is their function in searches. As you can see in the example below, tagged items will pull when like terms are entered in a global or local search bar: 


Other functions of tags are short notes on Jobs and proposals, gate codes and do not service notifications for properties, club member notices for customers. The list doesn't end there; you can use tags in any way you think would be helpful for your company!


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